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Sidney Fitzgerald

I have trained all my own horses starting with ground manners and working up to saddle breaking and eventually getting them show ready, always keeping in mind each horse is an individual and they learn at different speeds, and also have different strengths and weaknesses, I train with patience and consistency.

When working with a clients horse I always take into consideration what they want to do with their horse as well as what the horse can do and build a well rounded training program around that.

I have always enjoyed working with all types of horses. I have helped clients get started from the ground up or just a simple tune up. I have worked with aggressive horses as well as abused horses. My philosophy remains the same......patience, consistency and understanding!

•$900 for monthly board and full training. Includes 5-6 sessions per week.
( Horse holding for Vet, Farrier, Massage, and Chiropractic is FREE)

•$800 for monthly board and half training or riding maintenance Includes 3-4 sessions per week.

•$75 per ride for an off site single training session. Includes 1 hour single session. (available within a 25 mile radius.)

•$60 per ride for a on site single training session. Includes 1 hour single session. 

•$50 for a 1/2 Training, 1/2 Lesson session (1 hour session divided between lesson and training)

•$40 for a 1 hour lesson with your horse.